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Fair Food Bike is a kitchen on wheels moved by a combination of human-force and green electricity. It brings foods from the city and the region straight to your plate. Anyone can ride a Fair Food Bike, without a driver’s license, indoors and outdoors, as a lunch or coffeebike, at festivals, trade fairs, schools – virtually anywhere. The bike is equipped with solar cells and wi-fi, and it is, specially in Namibia, a meeting point for those looking for an easy access to electricity and internet.

But Fair Food Bike is even more than that: it creates new social spaces right in the middle of the city. It makes social encounters possible in all types of places, it makes people reflect on sustainability and responsibility. Also new relations are created: between farmers and cooks, guests and hosts, people from here and from far away.



Fair Food Bike is a social business developed both in Berlin and Windhoek, Namibia. Fair Food Bikes creates space for the professional development of marginalized groups or those who want to create something new for themselves and others. Fair Food Bike takes the whole value chain into account, from the field to the plate. It stands for proximity, openness and tolerance, freedom and transparency, responsibility and humor. Eating should entertain and inspire, nurture and strengthen, seduce or simply fill you up.